To trust a Crocodile

Had a lucid dream last night, stuck with me this morning, as I ponder it. “Had a baby croc hanging around, ushered it out the mud ally, 2 adult crocs waiting. They came forward up the ally, one ate the baby crocs “ Creation/destruction, birth/death, beginning of a new period and the death of the old, knowledge is transformed by a new level of growth, hidden wisdom awaits. Crocodile can teach you ancient knowledge that is currently hidden and gives strength to create your own opportunities. These guardians and protectors of wisdom will show how to move in the waters of the Self. Crocodile breathing awareness will help in balancing out transformations Have been immersing myself into my Tool work, finding the creative flow, but have also found myself pulling back from people, trust in people is waning. In past I didn’t trust my gut, but now I do deeply. I feel hidden agendas, feel that straightness or in my terms bluntness a rare commodity. My internal self, feels deep change coming, and a realisation, that new paths are looming. I also know deeply, why I watch, and a bit reserved, so many hidden agendas and motives still at play. And at this minute in time I’m finding it hard to trust people. I trust myself, and know when we walk from heart, all flows. My biggest gamble, is on myself, allowing myself the freedom to create, and trust in the flow of abundance. Not everyone values you, we have to find the value within, but we also have to learn to say no. Knowledge is a exchange, it has a frequency, I find people who don’t value someone, expects it all for free. I have realised that everyone is on a journey, teachings and from these teachings will come lessons. From lessons we grow. Within I have the knowledge of my ancestors, who left messages in my DNA, it is their teachings that guide me through this work. It is how I come to be doing this work. Crocodile teachings, remind me to watch, because they are patient watches, you don’t even know they are there watching, reminding me of inwardly silent spell- removing your energy so no one notices you there. Just watching all that is happening. What I am also reminded, the I am my own creator, and that I will bring my own opportunities forward. That I’m to look after myself first and foremost. Because no one else will look after me. To surrender to change and many new beginnings that are presenting before me. I also know this is a time to let go of some things. And from letting go comes a birthing of new ideas. Funny how Dreaming brings a new perspective, where the animals are my constant teachers. Even in depth o f my sleep, teachings come🙏🏿 

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